By Remy Sharp 7-Apr, 2014

TWDTW #4: Tern live, and our upcoming Pro features

We’ve now released Tern to live for everyone, and we’ve been hard at work on our Pro features and working on improving the JS Bin core code.


A few weeks ago we showed off the demo of Tern, and now it’s live. You need to manually turn it on via the addons:

jsbin.settings.addons.tern = true;

…then refresh and Tern is enabled in the JavaScript panel.

Upcoming Pro feature: vanity urls

We’re all working hard on Pro features for JS Bin (whilst also pushing out more and more features for all users), and I’ve just finished the first version of vanity URLs.

This means your shared URLs will include your username to your editable bins, like and more importantly, you can publish to your vanity url, as so:

The vanity URL will also support pointing your own domain directly at JS Bin (like

Also in the works is Dropbox support (for your own copy of you bins but also quickly embedding external resources). More on that soon.

Most importantly, Pro is the way that JS Bin will continuing to be open source and free for education. And we need your help to do that. So spread the word, and sign up too so you’re ready for when it lands!

Totally aside

Fabien had been catching up on some classic movies, in particular Sneakers, which reminded me of this amazing story by Moran Cerf, about a particular point in life where his group decided to say “yes”.

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