By Remy Sharp 27-Feb, 2014

Welcome to the new help & blog

JS Bin for years has done an absolutely superb job of giving its users an editor and the live output of the HTML, CSS & JavaScript. Something the project has been terrible at is exposing features and new information.

We try hard to recess the application of JS Bin to let you get on with coding right away. This way everyone gets a cursor. You visit JS Bin, you type: you get a bin.

But we’re also very aware of the cost of recessing away like this. Often I see tweets and issues along the lines of “it would be great if I could do X”, and I reply along the lines of “yeah, we did that back in 2011, it’s here…”.

It’s our own fault, but this new area of JS Bin will be the home for all the help and the blog will be used to share our workings on new features and ideas—and hopefully share some of the process we use.

There’s a few ways you can keep track of what’s going on:

Say Hello to the Team

I wanted to introduce you to the team that’s working hard on JS Bin to day to make it all that it can be:

And an equal hello to all the contributors over the years.

What’s shipped just recently

What we’re working on

There’s a slew of projects going on at the moment, and we’ll be posting as progress is made:

  • Pro accounts and white-labeled version of JS Bin (see for example) - get in touch if you’d like to enquire about this
  • Monthly competitions giving away stickers and pro accounts
  • A vastly better mobile experience
  • SSL for login
  • Sass & SCSS support
  • Timeline recording and playback
  • And a lot more

I’d love to hear your feedback, if you’re using JS Bin for teaching or sharing - what’s your experience like? How can we make JS Bin better for all of you?

– Remy

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